Happy Editing Customers

Steve, national broadcast news contributor and producer, miscellaneous communications:

“You have an eagle eye. As always, I appreciate the help.”

Chris, MBA Candidate 130-page dissertation, 24-hour turnaround:

“Thank you again for your amazing help with the dissertation! Received a ‘distinction’ mark, highest praise in UK!”

“Only ONE of my twitter followers made my acknowledgments page. Thanks to @eigenseide for her amazing editing skills!”

“Be sure to give @eigenseide a follow if you aren’t already. Oh, and let her edit your stuff. You’ll sound smart!”  (Full disclosure: Chris’ research was interesting and his dissertation well done; all the smart was already in there, I just got to help make it a little more obvious!)

Confidential twitter client, one page job inquiry, one-hour turn around:

“You guys. @eigenseide is amazing. My love for her knows no bouds.” (I may be a particular editor, but I didn’t have the heart to call out the typo in her twitter testimonial!)

Confidential client, 40+ page academic position job application package, two week collaboration:

“Thanks. Looks awesome.” (These were his comments the day before submission. He’s a man of few words, still had bits to finish, and was more than a little bit stressed.)

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