Put our obsessive attention to detail to work for you! Available for proofreading and editing, our team has over 20 years of experience reviewing and editing technical and policy manuscripts and proposals, as well as reading, reviewing, and writing nonfiction and every imaginable genre of fiction.

Editing Services Offered

  • Proofreading to ensure proper spelling and grammatical correctness of what you have written.
  • Editing, beyond proofreading, to include recommendations for improving grammar, structure, delivery.
  • Word count and page limit editing – a specialty! Your abstract is limited to 250 words and you’re at 300? No problem! Let us help you convey your core message within the manuscript constraints. ProTip: Are you close to your word count limit? Review your text and delete the.
  • Manuscript and presentation assembly. Give us the project at 85% and we’ll take care of finishing details. Includes reviewing for readability, adding introductory and connective tissue, references, formatting, graphics, strengthening language, killing the passive voice, making the tense and voice consistent throughout.
  • Bridging the gap between your subject and your audience. Subject matter experts know their material well, but often struggle putting their work into the context of a larger story that will resonate with their audience. We can help you formulate a powerful introduction that will draw your audience in and help them understand the importance of your work. Or, we can help you develop the storyline to weave throughout your work making it more accessible to those who are not subject matter experts.
  • Reviewing your proposal against requirements in the solicitation. Subject matter experts sometimes are so focused on communicating their work, they may not see that they are missing the key requirements of the solicitation. Let one of us be an objective reader prior to proposal submission.

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