Donelle Knudsen, Between Heartbeats

Donelle Knudsen 300x450Kudos to friend and local author, Donelle Knudsen, for successfully self-republishing her novel, Between Heartbeats!

In late April, Donelle Knudsen learned that Booktrope, publisher of her novel, Between Heartbeats, announced they were going out of business. The news meant that authors’ works were about to be orphaned. As of June 1, books published by Booktrope were to be pulled from sales channels.

Understandably disappointed at the news, Donelle immediately set about to ensure that her book would continue to be available for sale to her readers.

After considering a number of sales strategies, Donelle decided to republish
the book herself through CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing. Seiders House Publishing assisted with formatting the interior for submission for publication. SHP also modified the lovely cover design by Michelle Fairbanks to remove the Booktrope branding. Donelle navigated the online submission process, learned about DRM, ISBNs, sales channels, and the importance of reviewing a proof copy, and succeeded in republishing her book!

We couldn’t be more proud of Donelle! Well done!

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