I really like the dramatic effect of the front page of T.M. Franklin‘s author webpage. She uses static, brightly-colored text blocks with a slideshow of great black-and-white photos related to her books that fade in behind the text blocks. The effect is very cool! Check it out!

Check out the February 2016 Author Earnings Report. As invested as I am in indie publishing, I was surprised at the growth of indie published books. A quarter of all consumer dollars spent on ebooks in the US is spent purchasing indie-published ebooks.

Interesting article by Lynn Neary of NPR about book awards and book sales, When It Comes To Book Sales, What Counts As Success Might Surprise You. Reminds me of a conversation with one of our most successful local, traditionally-published authors. She remarked that you might expect that high profile reviews and awards would contribute to, Read More

In addition to providing a terrific resource for generating traffic for your website, Jonathan Gunson of the Traffic Cafe has assembled a collection of free photo libraries. Jonathan also helpfully annotated the library list with conditions on how you can use the photos in your books and on your webpages, along with the common sense, Read More