Apotheosis by Ian J Martin

Released for sale March 1, 2017 Apotheosis, by Ian J. Martin, is the journal of one man’s arduous quest to chart his own spaces in between, those tenuous passages between the darkness and the light. It is the story of a voice screaming into the wind; the dialogue of a soul and the void; the, Read More

Character – Problem – Something Happens – Things Get Worse – Action – Change Those are classic stages of a well told story, as taught by author Maureen McQuerry to the students of the Canyon Elementary Science Magnet School in Silver Valley, Idaho. Maureen worked with the students to prepare storyboards of their own, Read More

In A Sleep of Prisoners, Mr. Fry investigates dramatically the problems of four prisoners of war. Locked up in a church in enemy territory, the men find that both personal and general conflicts become more explosive in confinement. One soldier loses his temper and half strangles his friend.

A Month in Mongolia is now out in paperback and on Kindle. This is a casual photo travelogue of early trips to the vast and beautiful country of Mongolia. It’s got 80 pages, 90 pictures and 5 custom maps. In the Kindle version, the maps serve as thumbnails which you can click to access online versions of the maps,, Read More

Originally published in 1915, The Corner Stone is a sweet, plainspoken story set in Kansas in the early 1900’s. In it, we meet Edith Grannell, a young woman orphaned at an early age and abandoned to boarding school by her wealthy uncle, Samson Grannell. Edith’s uncle is more interested in prosperity than family, but, Read More

The Lady’s Not for Burning by Christopher Fry is … A romantic comedy in three acts, set in verse. Set in the Middle Ages, The Lady’s Not for Burning reflects the world’s ‘exhaustion and despair’ following World War II, with a war-weary soldier who wants to die, and an accused witch who wants to live., Read More

Respect the Work; Republishing Books in the Public Domain by Barbara Seiders … describes shortcuts taken by publishers who seek to profit from the creative work of others without demonstrating respect for the original creative endeavor. Respect the Work was written in the hopes that readers will identify — and avoid — poor quality, Read More