I really like the dramatic effect of the front page of T.M. Franklin‘s author webpage. She uses static, brightly-colored text blocks with a slideshow of great black-and-white photos related to her books that fade in behind the text blocks. The effect is very cool! Check it out!

There’s a lot to like on Mike Jung‘s webpage. My favorite? The gorgeous artwork – ok, mostly the fish! – on the banner. It looks like the fish was taken from the cover of one of his books, Unidentified Suburban Object. His “About” page is pretty funny too, and it’s great to see he’s, Read More

Deidre Havrelock and I belong to the same local writers’ group, Wordherders. She asked me to help her re-do her webpage. I told her no. I couldn’t bear to think about changing it. Deidre’s webpage is one of the most attractive author’s webpages I’ve ever seen. Kudos to her web designer. Check it out, you’ll, Read More

Ok, I may be biased in liking this author’s webpage. Gina Barreca is a fellow Dartmouth alumna, a year or two after me. She is brilliant, funny and insightful. And her author’s page is gorgeous! Check out her page – and while you’re there, buy some of her books. I already have They Used, Read More