World’s Most Easily Distracted Writer As part of her work in national security, Barbara traveled around the world to fabulous cities – Paris, Vienna, Geneva, London, Moscow, DC, Las Vegas, and in the countryside of Lithuania, Romania, and Mongolia. She has worked with amazing people – a dozen or so Ambassadors (Goodby, Lehman, Hamner,, Read More

E Publishing Pro
Phoebe worked with Amazon Kindle from before it was born. She knows Kindle publishing as a tech specialist, customer service provider and manager, content evaluation specialist, and most recently Executive Customer Relations for Kindle Direct Publishing, where she handled highly escalated customer issues related to KDP.

Our Favorite Martian Lisa is the rare engineer with a background in communications. She has worked in radio news, run two companies, managed NASA’s Mars program, and narrated NASA’s ScienceCasts. Lisa challenges your logic, grammar, and punctuation. Former Martian, current entrepreneur, ruthless about commas and hyphenation. Lisa loves a good tale and a long bike ride., Read More